Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it going to change the clear view of my windows?
No, it does not. Our safety and security window films are completely colourless and undetectable on the glass that you or your guests wouldn’t even notice it. You will continue to enjoy the natural appearance of your windows while they are fully protected.
Is it UV rays protection?
Yes, it is. Our safety and security window films block 99.9% UV sun rays, protecting your furniture and deco from fading.
Does it make my windows unbreakable?
No. The window may break but the window film will hold the shattered glass in place, preventing a forced entry. Our SafetyZone window film by Avery Dennison Hanita will bond to the glass of your window making it really hard to get through it.
Do you clean the windows before apply the film?
Yes, we do. Our professional installers use especial tools to clean the windows really good before apply the film. Cleaning the windows is part of our service to you.
Is there any chemicals involved in the installation?
No, there is not. Our different films work like stickers. We only use a mild soap and water as a lubricant to install the film.
How do I clean my windows after the film is been installed?
You can clean the windows as people normally do. You could use windex, soap or any Non-Abrasive cleaners. We also recommend not to use anything rough or sharp at the time of cleaning because it can cause scratches to the film. We suggest a squeeze, sponge or a soft cloth as tool.
Does the film start doing its work right away after the installation?
After the installation is completed, the film will require time to dry and cure: a strong bond will be formed in 24 hours. However, the film needs 3 to 4 weeks to be 100% of work capacity. The longer our film is on the glass the stronger it gets.
How long the security and safety film last?
The life of our SafetyZone security window film from Avery Dennison Hanita is the longest you will find in the market. We have a lifetime warranty on our products. Some conditions may apply. You can always contact us to find out more information about it.
Do you focus only on residential jobs?
No, we secure residential and commercial. We do houses, businesses, schools and more.