Reasons Why To Invest In Window Films For Your Home Or Business

Reasons Why To Invest In Window Films For Your Home Or Business

Reduce Energy Costs

Architectural window films could help you to reduce energy bills up to 30% yearly depending on the size of your home or business, location, and film used. Window Films keep your place cool in summer, and warm in winter time, so you can achieve a comfortable temperature with ease, lowering air conditioning costs and save on lighting bills.

Prevent Fading

The sun exposure through an unprotected glass can quickly damage your hardwood floor, furniture and deco by fading it beyond recognition. A high quality window film blocks over 99% of harmful UV sun rays, preventing any fading to your home or business investments.

Reduce Heat

Summer time comes with long days of sun exposure that creates unwanted hotspots and excessive heat in your home or business. Solar window films professionally installed on your existing windows and glass doors can block up to 80% of the sun’s heat, making your work environment or house more pleasant while enjoying the natural light coming in.

UV Protection

An unprotected window or glass door allows UV harmful sun rays pass through your home or business, causing the same skin damage as being outdoors expose to the sunlight. Window films blocks 99% of UV rays without blocking out the sun’s light, preventing any skin damage, and even skin cancer. A solar window film is 10 to 15 times stronger than a regular sunscreen you can buy at any store.

Control Glare

Glare is a common problem all year round, especially in summer time that has more daylight shining through your windows at home or office, affecting the visibility on television and computer screens. Solar window films can help reduce annoying glare up to 90% depending on type of film used.

Improve Privacy

Most of the time people keep curtains, blinds or shutters closed in order to preserve some privacy at home, even when they would like to enjoy the nice feeling of having natural light coming through the windows. Window films can create privacy while still welcoming in natural light. There are different film options to improve privacy in your home or business, from reflective or non-reflective films to decorative frost film solutions.