What you need to know about Security Window Films

Most of break-ins occur by smashing a window or glass door. It takes 2 seconds to go through an unprotected glass and gain access to your business or home, damage property, snatch valuables and leave before security or police can arrive. Security Window Films is a great solution to deter or delay a forced entry. 

Security Film holds shattered glass in place against elements preventing a break-in. It is completely transparent that once is professionally installed is undetectable on the glass. These films are composed of top-grade layers of polyester with an aggressive adhesive for excellent, impact-resistant capabilities.

Some other benefits of having security films on your windows and glass doors:

  • Reduce the risk of accidental injury, keeping your kids safe from getting injured by a broken glass due to a ball, hard toy or even colliding to a glass door.
  • Protect people from flying shards due to a industrial damage or explosion.
  • Block over 99% of UV harmful sun rays, protecting your furniture and hardwood floor from fading.
  • Energy costs saving, window film can keep your place cool in summer and warm in winter, reducing your hydro bills.
  • Reduce heat and enhance privacy. Security film is available in tinted and reflective as well. It can block the solar energy up to 80%, control de glare by reducing it up to 90% and improve your privacy by installing one way mirror security film where you can see out but cannot see in.

Security Window Film is the less invasive home improvement that can help you to protect your house or business from intruders.