Did you know that Security Window Film

Did you know that Security Window Film can withstand an explosion?

August 04th, 2020. Recent events in Beirut, Lebanon, has shown again how badly could be glass related injuries from flying debris caused by an explosion. In fact, deadly lacerations due to high speed flying glass shards have been responsible for most of the injuries received in explosion incidents in the past. According to the International Window Film Association, “Research conducted after explosions point to flying and broken glass as one of the main causes of death or injury”.

Blast pressures can carry broken glass at speeds that exceeds 100 KPH and may extend for miles in large external explosions like in Beirut today, where it was felt as far as 200 km away in Cyprus, across the Mediterranean. Unfortunately this explosion killed dozens of people, injured close to 4000 and still counting. 

Security & Safety Window Film can save lives when it comes to blast explosions. It holds broken glass shards in place creating an exceptional barrier protecting people from getting severe injuries or death associated to flying glass.

These safety & security products are engineered to shatterproof glass and hold it together, providing 24/7 passive protection against industrial explosions, natural disaster, burglary or acts of terror. 

Geler G. Bruni – Business Owner

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