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Window Film: The Best Way to Save Energy for Your Home or Business

When it comes to making Energy Efficient improvements to your Home or Business that help the environment and also can save you money, you must consider start with your windows. Solar heat goes through your windows and glass doors creating hot spots and excessive heat inside your home or business. This makes your cooling costs go up in summer and your heating bills increase in winter time.

Solar Control Window film can reduce your energy use by 30%. It certainly transforms your existing windows and glass doors into high performance windows for just a fraction of the price that would cost installing new windows. 

Reasons why window film creates a better environment:

  • Carbon Costs: a low e window has a carbon cost of over 250 kilograms per square meter, comparing to 1 kilogram of carbon cost for a window film. 
  • Energy Efficiency: installing solar window film in your home or business can reduce your energy use up to 30%. Window film will reject up to 80% of the solar heat, keeping a comfortable temperature inside your place.
  • Gas Emissions: Window films save a thousand times more greenhouse gas emissions from installing it on existing windows than what is created or used during the manufacture of the film.
  • Cost Efficiency: window film is the most affordable and cost effective solution to reduce the energy consumption in your home or business. By lowering your energy use, you are reducing your carbon footprint in our planet.